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Tales from the kitchen

At Big Belly, we have a team of enthusiastic and experienced chefs, who design every dish themselves, by using authentic spices and certified meat, thereby considering every member of a family. Every dish on our menu is highly aromatic and filled with flavours that you won’t find anywhere else.

Every dish that is served to our customers on the dining tables is crafted with love and care from our dedicated chefs who leave no stone unturned to make every meal, the best that you ever had. Our customers can choose from a range of cuisines that include local Australian food such as steaks, healthy breakfast items, or a varied Indian menu prepared with actual Indian spices.


Tales from
the winery

We serve a range of in-house wines and drinks that are handpicked by our talented chefs themselves. You can choose from the recommended drinks that go with your food or can select a wine/drink of your choice to accompany your meal.
All the drinks on our menu are high-quality and are appreciated by all our customers.

Le Boudoir

Providing the highest quality food and service

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